I know you’ve heard this saying “do it right the first time”. If you’re new, struggling, or failing as a professional coach I recommend learning it all from the start. Some gurus & industry leaders think that it’s a waste of time to learn how to do professional internet marketing the right way in the beginning.

If we have success first what platform are we launching success from? Someone else’s identity? Other people’s experience? You have the same amount of work cut out for you doing it wrong as you do the right way. Problems beyond your control in the hands of the wrong type of 3rd parties. 

Self hosting is the true path of a real entrepreneur if they build it themselves or have someone else build it for them. The bottom line is simple they have full control over their entire brand. Everyone has 3 options. 

1. Buy Your Own Domain Name

2. Buy Your Own Hosting Server Install & Build Your Own Brand

3. Host Your Domain Name On My Server Via My Coaching Program



When you go through a 3rd party entity as your primary source of branding you’re compromising the integrity of your brand and diminishing the online authority & credibility that you could have if you self hosted. 

Self host you can do everything 3rd party entities can. Let me give you some examples. 

Self hosting will allow you to install your own lead capture & sales funnel software into the website. 3rd party entities can only offer you replicated capture & sales funnel pages. You don’t have the ability to fully customize 100%. You have limitations. 

3rd parties operate unethically and illegally. If you place all of your stock, put in all your effort to building your brand with them and the government shuts them down all revenue if any all your hard work goes down the tube. Guess What! you have to start over. 

99.9% of self hosting options will never get shut down. Can they do unethical things sure? The likelihood of that happening is not common and you never hear about it.


I am going to give you a list of companies that were 3rd party entities. All  copied & did the same thing as their alleged competition. Some offered more some offered less. They all have the same exact fabric in common. From 2010 – 2018 all offered a so called “viral blogging platform”, so called “sales funnel & lead generation system” all offered education & training as well as mindset driven training. Take a look at those popular people even those 1% who earned millions of dollars with some of these companies. Look at their websites they’re trash. It was all done for them 10 years ago they never learned anything. 

“Quick money” charge stupid prices for trash replicate it and use the inflation profits to pay the programmer to give everyone their own system of the exact same thing. All content that was produced by affiliates & participants were owned by those entities all traffic driven or generated by these people yielded credit to the domain name owner of the program. You had to pay $25 or more just to use their platform.

Facebook doesn’t charge people for that. It’s the same exact concept. Why pay to create content you don’t own?


The money people spend “going all in” and don’t know anything related to internet marketing. This means they can’t teach, train, or coach anyone. O yeah they can create great sales funnels and lead capture pages. No longevity they’re lost. 

Success is supposed to leave clues. Well the type of clues I leave go in a specific order of priority. People have something they can follow from the start to the finish if they ever get to a finish.





I promised unlimited education which means there is no limit to the content I promised to bring to the table.  That list of companies. Some of these companies exists today and many of them don’t these companies are competition to my coaching program. From the oldest to the newest to the best of my ability to remember.


  1. My Lead System Pro 2010 – Present – they have 3 plans. $50/month plan you can generate 1000 leads, no blog/website, 5 funnels, 1 custom domain. With self hosting at $10-$20/month you can create unlimited subdomains, unlimited websites and with my software that has a one time cost attached to it you can create unlimited funnels, unlimited capture & landing pages and you have absolutely no limitations. With the autoresponder I use for $20/month you can generate unlimited leads. 

$150/month plan you can generate 10,000 leads, 1 blog/website, 25 funnels, 2 custom domain names.

At their $300/month plan you get unlimited contacts, 2 blogs/websites, you can build 100 funnels, 5 customer domain names and access to some additional products & support. Support should come to any and all customer’s no matter what level they’re at. This is an example of how you pay excessively more going through a 3rd party entity vs self hosted.


2. Empowernetwork 2011-2017 – all they had was a blog & a bunch of training that did no one any good because as much money as people spent people were still asking those same question. “How do I get traffic & leads”. They had 3 monthly options $25, $100, %150 with mid to high ticket upsales. With this 3rd party entity you got  a wordpress blog it was locked down & restricted the same quality and caliber as This required you to buy a bunch of other 3rd party tools & services just to be able to do what you needed to be able to do. 

This company is greatly responsible for the damage caused in the home based business industry between affiliate marketing & network marketing. It cause a lot of damage to the reputation of our industry on social media. This company was an insult to the industry. 


3. Pure Leverage 2013-Present – this company is and was the only company in our industry that exists that actually has done everything correctly. They  launched in response to Empowernetwork. But before they decided to compete in the arena of mlsp, & empowernetwork they were backed and powered by GVO they have been in the internet industry for nearly 2 decades. They are an actual legitimate hosting company and a licensed domain name registrar and offer other legitimate services that successful people of the 90s used. Which brings me to my next point their services with the exception of their latest 2 are a bit outdated and are in great need of updating.

The CEO never completed the development of the platform. Their prices are similar at $24.95 & $150/month  you get a blog which was the exact same as empower’s. You got an autoresponder, extremely limited lead capture pages. 


4. Neucopia 2013-2014 –  launched in response to empowernetwork and pureleverage. Outdated training that was free online.  I can’t remember the prices at all. 


5. Level One Network 2013 – 2014. Need I say more? I am just letting you know they were a company in our industry that competed in this space. If you spent money & time trying to build and created content with these types of companies you lost out. i advise against using these companies to build your business or income with. 


6. Internet LifeStyle Network 2014-2014 I will admit everything looked great the visual quality was there. But again if all these companies would of invested in actually teaching people how to do things the right way they could of kept their cost low & affordable without compromising the integrity of every brand that was established there


7. LEADY SYSTEM NETWORK – 2013 – present – they used the same concept as everyone else the difference is the prices were and are actually fair. I looked at their current website they are clearly not the same thing that they started out as. 

power lead system

8. Power Lead System 2013 – Present I can’t remember the launch date. 

The entity that actually owns them is priceless possibilities. I  have the same problem with this platform as with all other platforms. I understand people want to earn money. 

A company’s main concern should be to provide a solid product or service. A business professional, marketer, or affiliate’s main concern can the tools deliver without me having to sell the service to others for a commission. 


9. Zukul Ad Network – 2015- Present – Some of these companies I don’t really have much to say about them because they are all 3rd party entities that are overpriced & extremely limited for what you get and what you can do. 

The conversion pros

10. The Conversion Pros – 2015 – present. This company is an absolute joke from the time I used the 1 dollar trial to go in an expose them with their youtube training modules & information overload. $50/month for a system that will not allow you to create a custom funnel.  I don’t know how successful people can promote what they do and sleep at night knowing they’re selling junk just to earn some money.  For the prices you pay for every company that exists in this article you’re just paying for confusion, and information overload.


11. Builderall – 2017  claim they were around 8 years their domain  registration dates 2017. That really doesn’t mean anything. There is no difference between this company and the others on the list. They all have the same things in common. The price doesn’t matter what does matter is your extremely limited. 


12. Click Funnels – 2015-Present. This is one of the competitors that I actually respect. They serve 2 purposes. 1 my experience with these guys the first time they had a free program where you could build funnels for free I invested hours in learning and had all my funnels built by them they decided without warning to launch “CLICK FUNNELS” and forwarded the domain name there. So all my hard work was lost. This is a quality service. I don’t think it’s worth $97/month considering I can build anything they can I don’t pay monthly for a service to be able to do it either. 

A lot was covered in this article and tired of writing. Some companies have been missed I’m sure. I watched the masses jump, hop and skip from the companies mentioned above. I watched them trash & bash while representing companies that don’t exist today.  Everything that these companies listed can do I can also. I pay for my domain names, my servers & my autoresponders and that is it. It cost less than any program listed.  I also have an affiliate program to allow you to earn money selling a legit service if earning money is a concern CLICK HERE