A simple outline was provided in the video concerning the subject of ecommerce. I broke it down into 4 simple parts. 

  1. It’s common for people to leverage 3rd party entities. 
  2. Affiliate Or MLM.
  3. You can work independently on or offline. 
  4. Dropship means you can move products without inventory.

If you’re considering this option as a source of income. The best thing you can do is take it serious. Never get comfortable. I have witnessed many who have done well with ecommerce but they got comfortable. They are worse off now because they didn’t think like a true business professional. 



I have personally attempted Ecommerce for a short period of time I earned some money with it. Know enough but not to teach. I know someone who I have watched for a significant period of time that has done well for himself and has helped others by teaching them how to do it properly. His name is Tommy Rodriguez

HOME BASED BUSINESS : ECOMMERCEFrom my experience most people attempt E Commerce because they really don’t want to work the other business that exists but those same people never stick with it to the magnitude that Tommy has to see his own success all the way through. No matter what genre we work in laziness will never equate to success. 



  1. Tynesha Renee Reply

    I’ve tried E-commerce as well at least twice, and I never understood it either time. I never liked the idea of coping off of Amazon and posting the same thing onto E-Bay as dropshipping. It was especially hard for me trying to figure out how to name my listing in a way where people would be searching for a specific item to buy. I said this isn’t my cup of tea at all. If you don’t know what you’re doing, I wouldn’t advise to getting involved in this genre unless you did your research and found someone that’s very skilled at E-commerce.

  2. Diana Reply

    Very inspiring. E-commerce is another business model to tap into. This is a great business to start to accumulate riches and pass down to your children. Thanks for educating us Chris!

  3. Yvette Bolden Reply

    The inspiration for E-commerce is a real business model due to this informative blog article. It’s clear that E-commerce just like any other business should be taken seriously. This business model is and can be lucrative if properly trained and educated. It’s true that laziness will not bring success, I’m pretty sure most business folk have been at some point in their business. The information here gives a clear and complete explanation to the E-commerce genre. Thank you Chris for thoroughly helping us understand this!

    • christopher Post authorReply

      2013-2015 people flocked to ecommerce because they thought they could earn millions without putting in the “WORK” where is eCommerce now?

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  6. Darleen Shapleski Reply

    Appreciate your thoughts on ecommerce Chris, I have no understanding of this genre and it’s always great to be given information beforehand.

    I may one day look at researching this genre but not quite yet as I absolutely need to get a grip of the tasks at hand.

    Thank you so much for your wealth of knowledge, appreciate it always!

    • christopher Post authorReply

      Absolutely focus on the task at hands @Darleen we got big things coming & changes for the coaching program in 2018 that is going to blow everything online away!

  7. Angela Shepherd Reply

    I tried to do this genre but I did not have much time to really learn. I did not spend alot on it so I glad I did not waste much money on it.

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