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Think like an adult. Think with reality. Be Mature. Be Sober. Don’t buy into anything just because it sounds good. Don’t believe anything just because it looks good to your eyes and sounds good to your ears. Reality should take priority over positivity. I would rather deal with negative people who are real than positive people who are fake. 

I said that to say this believe none of what you hear and only a quarter of what you see. Online people lie, photoshop and do all manner of different things to manipulate you out of your money. If you believe that you can accomplish massive financial success without working or lifting a finger to work for it you’re absolutely delusional. 

I don’t care what genre of business you choose to build an income with you have a lot to learn and a lot of work to put in if you’re not willing to embrace that then you’re just not cut out for the home based business industry. 



I will always provide unlimited free education, motivation, and inspiration my training will never be free because that is where the full empowering and equipping of skills come from. My educational content such as this, previous content and the content to come will never have a price tag on it. The purpose of my content is to teach people sound information so that they make solid choices they don’t have to regret later. I will always be a free source of information to the public regardless if they choose to support my income or not. 


As explained in the video digital currency has been around since 1996 the first cryptocurrency was launched in 2009. The home-based business industry started getting involved in 2013. Unfortunately, the home based business industry has attempted to bring everything into it’s fold and has miserably failed. However, since people are constantly being deceived rather than properly educated it has to be addressed as such. 

I believe people need to have more respect for all business types and genres in the home based business period. It’s just professional not to trash and bash just to promote something else. Or try to promote one genre over another.  

The only thing worthy of trashing and bashing is foul unethical behavior such as promoting a trading company, a digital currency company or any company earning money from its compensation plan without producing anything solid with the main product or service of that company. If you earn more money from the compensation plan than you do from actually trading then why are you in the company? If you earn more money from selling what you’re into to someone else and you’re not using it yourself then why are you in the company? What exactly are your motives? 


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  • June 23, 2018

    All those things in which you’ve just described in your article are all the things that uninformed internet and network marketers do. When there is no solid foundation of education and training involved. I know that based on that logic alone. I was joining companies left and right based on how popular a company was on social media. Yeah, call me stupid if you want, but at the time I had nothing else to go off of if that makes sense.

    • christopher
      July 14, 2018

      Business talk without the business atmosphere!

  • June 23, 2018

    On point. Useful info if you’re looking into the home based business industry or looking into trading and digital currency. Thanks for sharing the free education

    • christopher
      July 14, 2018

      everyone is afraid they will lose business for telling others the truth what a shame!

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  • August 23, 2018

    Ah yes, well I was completely bamboozled with the digital currency companies…I absolutely know better…there has been one particular company that had me send in a strong worded email as the owner was brain-washing the masses that his company is going to get people out of poverty…he was speaking in such general terms that it made no sense whatsoever. I am so glad I did not join anything he had to offer. I love the list of 4 things you mentioned Chris 100% agree…I know I am not wasting my time or money if I stick with your instruction!

  • Angela Shepherd
    October 10, 2018

    Great article. Always do your research!

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  • Johnny Harvey
    April 23, 2019

    This was on point and exactly why i didnt go for the bitcoin scandal and that is exactly what it is a scandal ,, this why most legit people struggle because people now have a bad taste in their mouth and wont give things a chance ,, i am looking for ward to changing that minset because i have found when you connect with the right person ,, you can change your life

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